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Military Service [Bill's Family] Virtual Cemetery 


United States Air Force

  1. William Harris Lawson Sr., Chaplain Major
    Air Force Reserve Command, Grissom Air Reserve Base
United States Army
  1. William Harris Lawson Sr., Sergeant
    Indiana National Guard, Camp Atterbury

~ WARS ~

American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

  1. John Speer, 5th great-grandfather
  2. Peter Frantz, 3rd great-grandfather
  3. Joseph Benton, 5th great-grandfather
  4. James Crawford, 5th great-grandfather

American Civil War (1861-1865)


  1. William Hiram Brown, 3rd great-grandfather
    Tennessee, CSA and served at Ft. Donelson, captured in 1861 and sent to POW camp in Springfield IL (Camp Butler) and released after pledging an oath not to take up arms against the USA again. 
  2. Eugenius N. Benton, 3rd great-grandfather
    Georgia. Croft's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Columbus Artillery) 
  3. William Henry Crawford, 3rd great-grandfather
    Georgia. Pension slip, and oral family story. 2nd Lt; captured near end of the war while in Ary of Tenn and imprisoned at Camp Douglas near Chicago (Kinfolks pg 2062 v3.6 Sarah Bethea m Willis Gibson Crawford)
  4. William Sherron, 3rd great-grandfather
    Tennessee, 50th Infantry Regiment. Fought at Ft. Donelson among other places in the West Tennessee area.

  1. Abraham Dishong, 3rd great-grandfather
    Pennsylvania, Listed in Union draft registration, Civil War Pension record,
  2. Simon Peter Tridle, great-grandfather
    Indiana. Civil War Pension Index, soldier listing, Records & Profiles
  3. James Brosier, 2nd great-grandfather
    Indiana. Registries, Lists and Pension. 
  4. David Day, 2nd great-grandfather
    Draft record. 

World War I (1914-1918)

  1. George Elmer Tridle, grandfather

Korean War

  1. William Harris Lawson, Sr., father


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